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Hey everyone

How's it going with you all?
As for me, still in Italy =p Upon any camping i've been on so far (all of them) = Internet! =D
So even i'm not "home", I still have internet =^-^=

Anyway, I've been more writing my nuzlocke for quite some time
and I've decided to share some things about it with you all.

1. The Oc Gray (aka me) is older than the normal trainer should be (which is 18/19/20 years old).
Gray has the same age like me, which is 28 years old.
And obtaining the pokémon at the very beginning will be different as well.

2. My grandfather Alfred is a guest role (within flashbacks) in this nuzlocke.
Unfortunately, he also passed away in here, as in real life.
This comic will be dedicated toward him as well.

3. I've wroten many references and songs in there (so far), so people can
regconize what they are or where it came from. If not, it will be show with a "*" star
in the text, and the explanation will be on the page itself below.
(this will be used mostly for the people back at home, so they'll know what's going on)

4. The plot will be differently on certain points, like the reveal of the "king's past"
(when he was captured) will be within another time revealed. Some things are mentioned
earlier or later in order to get my nuzlocke story on the right track :XD:
I wanna make the nuzlocke interesting my way, so things are different than usual.
Including some characters are different of personality too.
Like, Diantha will be waaaaaay something else than usual lol.

5. Whenever the day ends in the nuzlocke, there's gonna be parts of the past.
(Gray's past, Lysandre's past etc. Mostly them together. Just memories.)

6. I will make 2 versions of the nuzlocke, one in english and one in netherlands (or belgium, it's the same)
Why netherlands? Because the people at my work would love to see my comic as well once i'm working on it
so i'm translating it too for them so that they know what's going on in the comic.

That's all I want to share with you all. If I tell you more...
You'll have to wait until i've wote the whole thing!
At the point now, I'm about to battle Calem and get the 4th badge!
But with the things I put in there so far, I hope you'll enjoy it once i'm done writing it =D

I hope you all enjoy your vacations (if you have one)
and i'll be back home next week!

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dragontamer272 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck with it too.
SpriteGirl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanx you so much =^-^=
and you too on any projects you do =p
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Submitted on
July 13, 2014