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June 20, 2013
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My top 10 Fav CartoonGuys by SpriteGirl My top 10 Fav CartoonGuys by SpriteGirl

:new: Update! Changed the list on May 1, 2014
Also, I remade the meme, so it was easier to make it =p

Empty meme by Acaciathorn…

10 - Iron Will (My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic)

He's a minotaur, and i'm a fan of Mlp-FiM. So why is he here?
I recently had a dream as myself being my own pony design (the brown one with a computer as a cutiemark)
Suddenly Iron Will was there to be more assertive, but on a better way (lol)
I have a pony-enemy (a girl) that hates the guts out of me (and very jealous), and she used a spell on every colt I meet up with that will hate me,
but Iron Will is not a pony, but a minotaur. The two of us grew closer, but finally the bad mare-pony succeed to seperate him from me.
Once he was gone, i got extremely furious and some special dark forces came out of me to take revenge on her.
But the friendship-gang (twilight and etc) came by and tried to stop me, but failed, and the only one that could snap me back
into reality, was Iron Will.
And that has worked. (Then the clock went off)
So this is the reason he's on my list and on #10.

9 - Lt. Surge (Pokémon Episode 14: Electric Shock Showdown)

Ok, here's a new guy in the list, this is Lt. Surge of Pokémon.
He shows up in episode 14 "Electric Shock Showdown" (and only episode), also within the first generation games.
By research, I discovered that he shows up in tournaments in Black2/White2. (Haven't gotten there yet, but oh well)
But I prefer the Surge in that episode, even he did show up just once.
Why? He's so awesome, he has a Raichu and he's freaking tall!! When I first saw that episode back in the old days,
I said instantly (like Brock) "WOW! HE'S HUGE!!"
I've always felt attracted to guys that're taller than me.
Not to forget, he has one deep voice :iconeeeeeplz: That's something else I like about him =^^=
That's why he's on #9.

8 - Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph - Disney)

Yes, I know. He, Byrne and I in a comic, but I have a reason why he's on 8 now.
I haven't met all the other guys before him in the list, so I had a difficult decision to put who and where.
I also noticed how many stories are written about Ralph and with a girl (OC's)
I still love Ralph like before, and I still like him as before.
I never meant to offend him in any other way and i'm sorry Ralph ^^;
So I'm giving more to other fangirls too lol
Now there's a very lovely and interesting couple now with Ralph, and that's ElsaXRalph (Elsa from "Frozen")
Now I'm a fan of this couple too, gotta love crossover couples =p
That's why he stand now on #8

7 - Captain Ginyu (Dragonball Z)

He's my first guy I got interested in DBZ series. It was also the first time I watched DBZ
and this season of the Ginyu Team was on tv at that time. I thought it was amusing to watch those guys
to "dance" and "pose" :XD: Sometimes (back then) I feel like joining them.
Even now, in the abridged DBZ of Teamfourstar, he has an amazing voice =D
I love this crazy guy, I wish I was his wife (not kidding here) if I was in the DBZ universe :heart:
So that's why he's on #7.

6 - Sigma (Megaman X)

For him, I have to blame dragontamer272 for getting me addicted to megaman X
He showed me games and soundtracks through the internet and youtube.
and then we had a moment where he told me about the extra stuff when you played the first game of megaman X
of how it began before the actual game.
And that's "The Day Of Sigma".
I had no idea about what would happen and we both watched the movie together while chatting through skype (msn was back then)
we were texting like "wow this music is cool and such" and near the end "omg he hurt Zero" and "OMFG he pushed the button"
and not to forget "OMG NO X!!!"
lol I had a great time while doing and watching the movie, and i kept watching it over and over again.
Suddenly a soft spot deep in me has awoken to like this guy.
dragontamer272 showed me more and more, and then the game X5, his fav game with his fav gamesoundtracks.
Suddenly he showed me the final boss music on youtube...
I fell in love with the sound and of how Sigma looks like <3
and that's the picture you see right now.
All of this made him 6th place.

5 - Byrne (The Legend Of Zelda - Spirit Tracks)

Byrne used to be on 1, sorry for that, guy, but I still like you ^^
Byrne is the first guy I created a couple of my own =p
And he was the first guy I felt bad at the end of the game.
He did a good deed at the end, but cost his life.
Because all of this, I decided to create a story of how things got turned out.
Of how he got "evil" and such. that's how the story "Reunited With My Angel" came to exist.
I'm still planning to write more stories of this couple, but this will take some time.
(or never is possible, too many stuff going on here)

4 - King Dedede (Kirby Right Back At Ya)
I had no idea at first who he was before I saw the actual show "Kirby Rigth Back At Ya".
I only liked him before all of that because I saw fanart of Kirby and his games.
But when I saw the show, I really enjoyed him more and more.
His bad attitude, his voice and his amusement in the show. My fav episodes of him are when
he was afraid of a ghost that was planning to take "revenge" on him.
I love how he was afraid in there :XD:
The second episode I like of him is the Pie-throwing war :XD:
I wish i could join a gigantic pie-fight!!
If I was in that universe, I would to be his friend tho, but I better watch out of his hamer!
So the reason he's in my fav top 4, he's hilarious and grumpy on his own way.

3 - Dusknoir (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky)

I know it's a Pokémon, but I really like this guy, and his voice in
in the english episode =p He's so freaking awesome
I even have the game "PMD - Explorers of the Sky", and i've succeeded to get to the end
of the special mission with Grovyle, Celebi and Dusknoir =D.
If I was a Pokémon, I would choose to be Roserade, and I'll fall in love with Dusknoir <3.
Planning with writing fanfics of PMD! Still working on it bit by bit.
So Dusnkoir stands on #3.

2 - Mr. Chip (Kirby - Right Back At Ya)

And another new guy in the list, this is Mr. Chip that shows up in episode 83 (and only episode) "Teacher Threat" from the Kirby show.
The reason I picked him out on 2, is that I like his hair, his voice, his sense of caring and
how much he wanted to have his dream to be real: to be a teacher.
Mr. Chip did signed a contract with Nightmare Enterprises, but I do understand that side of his, how much you want to have your
dreams and wishes to come true, even you can be mislead around by doing something wrong.
I believe that he has tried so much to find a teaching job, but couldn't find it at all.
So he took that step that would lead into trouble for the people in Cappytown and for Kirby.
But afterwards he felt regret and he even tried to protect Kirby, but with not much result.
After the battle of Kirby and the real teacher-monster, he decided to leave the place. In the japanese version he said that he have to leave
or the Nightmare Enterprises would come after him, while in the english version he said that it's time to move on.
He does promise that he'll never forget them, and with the final line, he said that he has learned a lot from Tiff. (I've learned upon this episode as well.)
I know one thing for sure and I believe you would agree with this: How far would people go to complish their dreams and wishes?
That's why I decided to love this guy and put him on #2.
I also gave him a first name: Mike Chip. (Micro Chip, get it? lol... yeah ok.)

1 - Lysandre (Pokemon X and Y)

Tada! Here's my new #1 man: Lysandre!
Ok here's why I put him now upon the first place.
When I first saw him in Pokemon X (i only have X game) I was amazed by his pointy red hair and his outfit.
But more and more later, I got to see a close-up of his face in the game, and I saw then his eyes....
OH GOODNESS! (I was like that) he has such beautiful blue eyes! That's what I always felt attractive on men (in real life) too.
(example: the new james bond actor Daniel Craig, he has eyes just like that :heart:)
Also, his personality is pretty awesome too!
Just the way he speaks about the world of getting worse by the day... honestly, I believe he's right about it.
There's things in the world that makes it worse and more people getting hurt, killed or whatever there is out there.
But also, that doesn't mean that all people are bad. There's good in it too, but he was too obsessed by the thought of the world is nothing but bad, he was blind to see it.
And of the plot in the game, it's so true and shocking.
The game-creators makes the plot more and more interesting during the years. Back then it was only stealing pokemon,
and now it's more intense and involving the world with the problem.
Anyway, with that above, there's something else I love this guy.
The picture I use here, is from a Pokemon Card (japanese)... Just LOOK at him :love:
Now that's a man I would love to see in real life too :heart:
I also saw some screenshots of him as well, but not full-faced yet.
But that means that he'll show up in the new Pokemon XY Season!!
I can't wait to see this happen :heart:
I'm also planning to do a Nuzlocke on this game! I'm writing the script, bit by bit, day by day!
So That's why I love this guy and that he stands on #1.

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